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3 ways to make your family love traveling

3 ways to make your family love traveling


  1. Operation Destination:

The first way to make your family love traveling is by picking the perfect destination. I know this seems really obvious, but sometimes what may be the perfect destination and a no brainer to you, is not your family’s idea of paradise. I have a small family who are all pretty relaxed, but we do have different interests so I have to make sure I can find a destination that will please everyone and activities that each of us will love. When I start researching, I make sure I can find at least one thing to do that each member of my family will be very excited about. If you are able to find something that specifically caters to each person, then they will most likely be a good sport and have a smile on their face throughout the vacation knowing their day is coming up next!  Sometimes finding these excursions or activities takes extra time and research because I might be looking for something unique or unorthodox! Don’t be afraid to look for things that are off the beaten path or propose an idea that is uncommon! I once had a day planned in Maui that my brother was super unenthusiastic about, but if you ask him now, he will tell you it was the best day on a vacation he’s ever had!


  1. Make it easy:

Now that you’ve got the perfect destination in mind, you have to prove to your parents, siblings, or whoever you’re traveling with that the trip will not be difficult. My mom and dad are not afraid of flying, but they’re not fans of long flights or a trip that is going to require lay overs and plane changes. In April of 2017 I was headed to Bali with just a friend, but at the last minute some plans changed and I needed my mom to go with us. This is a very long flight in general, but for someone who gets anxious about lay overs, delays, and things of that nature I knew I had my work cut out for me when I had to convince her that this 27-hour trip would go perfectly. My first suggestion is to go above and beyond when you’re doing your research on plane tickets, hotels, flight paths, and airlines. I looked up every possible flight path to Bali from all over the US and made a pro’s and con’s list for every single one. After I had found the perfect route for us to take, I explained everything to my mom and showed her how seamless our airplane transitions would be. I also did EXTENSIVE research on hotels and transportation to and from the airports, hotels, towns, and excursions. Once I had everything booked and taken care of, I printed out every single thing that could have possibly be printed and put in a folder to bring with us. My mom had not one single responsibility to worry about on this trip which took a lot of stress off her shoulders and she knew we were good to go because I would constantly update her and show her everything happening during the trip. Although you may think booking a trip is easy and you might not personally worry about the small details, the person you are traveling with might. Always do anything and everything you can to take the stress off your travel bud’s shoulders and let them know everything will be alright so they enjoy their vacation. After this vacation, my mom had complete faith in me so when I plan our trips she no longer stresses about flights, hotels, or things of that sort. As the family vacation planner, it is your responsibility to make the trip fun and make sure everything runs smoothly. Of course, sometimes life just happens and things are out of our control, but if you have done lots of research, the issues you are faced with are probably something you can work through because of the knowledge you acquired during the planning. Make the trip fun and make the trip easy.


  1. Be a good sport

I know “be a good sport” might sound a little stupid, but let’s think about it. Whenever your family starts throwing around the idea of a vacation how many fights do you and your siblings get in when discussing where you’re going and who you’re bringing as a friend? How many times do you actually just say you are happy and don’t ask 500 questions or sound ungrateful by voicing your ‘concerns’? Fast forward through all the pre-departure arguing and now it’s time to fly or drive out. You’ve been in the car an hour and how many of those minutes have you and your siblings spent bickering back and forth or complaining? Let’s fast forward again, you get to the hotel and you have a separate room for you and your friend and your brother has a room of his own as well. You walk into your room and its nice, but it’s not as nice as your brother’s room because he has a balcony and because you have a friend its only fair you get the better room, right? So now we’re one day into the trip and you’ve been bickering the whole time over stupid things. It’s time for you to just shut up and be thankful you are on vacation. It’s time for you to drop all the tiny little things going through your mind and just be quiet and be grateful. Day 2 is approaching and you aren’t very excited that your dad wants to visit Pearl Harbor in the morning, but guess what? Shut your mouth and go to Pearl Harbor. When you get there, act like you are a Pearl Harbor enthusiast and you’ve never been happier in your life. Instead of being mad you’re not at the mall or at the beach, be thankful you’re on vacation, be thankful you have a family who is able to travel, be thankful you are healthy enough to travel; Do you ever think about how many kids spend their childhood in hospitals? There are so many things we are able to do on a daily basis that we often take for granted and forget to just shut our mouth and enjoy the moment for what it is. It’s not always about where you are or what you’re doing, it’s about who you are with. Be thankful for your family. Be thankful for the little moments. We are all human and are all going to have bad days, but when you have the power to make someone’s day a little better and a little brighter, take that opportunity and run with it. You will never know how good it feels to make someone’s day until you try. Your family loves you and your family wants to see you happy. What’s the point of vacation if you just argue the whole time? So, be a good sport.


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